Tony Wildman is one of the most well known Powerstroke diesel programers on the market. TW chips are available from Single to 6 positions and can range from $300 (1 position) to $425 (6 positions). 


Interested in having your TS chip installed with TW tunes? 

TW chip

Tony Wildman Performance CHips

These programs are custom built specifically to your truck and modifications.

  • Economy is designed to increase your fuel mileage.
  • Daily is a slightly more powerful version of the economy program that adjusts shift points for driving around town.
  • Tow is going to be approximately 50hp increase for the 94-97 models and 65ish for 99-03 models.
  • Heavy tow will have shift points adjusted and an increase in power over the regular tow program.
  • Street Race is for those pesky imports with the coffee can exhausts.
  • Extreme is for the track.
  • Sled pull will have shift parameters adjusted to allow the truck to be in drive and not shift out of 2nd gear.
  • Hi Idle is for the cold days to keep the truck warm and the hot days to keep the truck cool.​